…the Unicorn Returns

…the Unicorn Returns

M130 complete bedding matsAfter celebrating it’s 40th anniversary in 2015, the Unicorn Trust, an equestrian centre based in Gloucestershire, decided to fit out a brand new stable block.

In fact Fieldguard had provided the Trust with our M2 matting some 20 years before, so we were delighted that we were first choice when it’s came to their new project. After a consultation to determine their exact requirements, we recommended our semi draining M130 mat and offered to demonstrate the fitting with an on site visit.

New stables at the Unicorn TrustQuick to self lay, they were in fact the ideal solution, providing a high-quality, complete stable bed. The M130s are suitable on any hard surface (even one breaking up) without pre-preparation and their flexibility ensures that they will conform to all undulations or unevenness. Horses lie down happily on what, to them, is a soft surface that will not scrape their hocks, as well as significantly reducing the possibility of getting cast.

Staff at the Unicorn Trust are excited with the result. The new M130 mats are far easier to lift, yet the unique design virtually eliminates this smelly chore anyway, as silt is trapped within the draining grooves, making the mats much easier to clean.

You can purchase the M130 mats via the product link below direct from our web shop.

We have a simple chart which will help you work out the quanities needed for your stable area.

Finally, if you would like any advice on this or any other product, please feel free to call us on 01483 275182, 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.

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