Did you know? Fieldguard Rubber Mats are grown on trees

Kerala Rubber Plantation

Did you know? Fieldguard Rubber Mats are grown on trees

At Fieldguard, we pride ourselves on the high quality of the electric fencing products we sell, and the same goes for our rubber mats.  Our rubber mats don’t exactly grow on trees, but the latex used for their production is tapped from the trees grown on rubber plantations in Kerala, India.

We don’t just import stock from a supplier’s catalogue. Most of the products we offer at Fieldguard have been developed by horse owners for horse owners and are made with the safety and comfort of horses as a prime concern. Our customers need durable and long-lasting solutions combined with quality and best value for money.

We have developed a long term partnership with manufacturers in the Kerala region and have visited the rubber plantations to see the process for ourselves. We have worked with our suppliers to produce specialist stable matting such as our M2 Complete Horse Bedding Mat. All of the Mats we select for Fieldguard are made from renewable resources, are recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

Our field mats are most commonly used for grass protection and gravel containment, but are also widely used in many other areas, such as safety surfacing in playgrounds, and slippery pavements. Our mats are fully tested to BS EN 1177 standards and their anti-fatigue properties have been appreciated in other spheres. In turn, our under mat stabilisation mesh has proved ideal where temporary protection of grass or lawns is required.

Our interlocking mat range was developed for outdoor playgrounds, but the thicker version proved to be the most superb of stable mats. Our thinner mats are primarily used for garages, damp cellars, roof terraces, gyms, offices, shops and everywhere where a soft, waterproof, hard wearing, easy to clean, warm surface is needed. Our solid rubber mats also have excellent soundproofing qualities, making them ideal acoustic barriers.

Kerala is the leading centre for rubber production in India, accounting for 92 percent of India’s rubber production. The soil is perfect for rubber plantations and many farmers grow rubber trees as a result. Over 250 people work for our supplier, across four sites.

Kerala was hit by terrible flooding in 2018 and Fieldguard supported the “Stand With Kerala” Disaster Relief Fund during this terrible time. We are happy to report that the area has largely recovered and many local communities are safely resettled.

Our complete range of rubber matting can be found at our online shop. If you need help deciding which product is best, please feel free to call us on 01483 275182 between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and we will be happy to help.

Kerala Rubber Plantation

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