Fieldguard electric fencing for horses

Fieldguard electric fencing for horses


Fieldguard electric fencing tape is the original tape, developed by Fieldguard with our French partners – both being horse breeders – in 1984.

By its nature, electric fence tape has high electrical resistance and requires large power units. To mitigate this, Fieldguard 40mm electric tape is made with 10 x 0.4mm stainless steel filaments, which is perfect when used with our Defender electric fence energisers.

Animals touch the edge, so the filaments of the 40mm tape (excluding white) are bunched along each leading edge, and this has a second advantage, for if a filament breaks, there is no loss of power transmission.

Creatures of flight, particularly horses, have difficulty seeing fencing less than 40mm wide. Therefore we do not sell wire, string, rope, netting or thin tapes.

To create safe horse fencing, you require a wide tape band that can be either fixed to wood uprights for a permanent, safe fence or onto glass fibre stakes to construct moveable safe field fencing. It is the minimum width that can be seen by a spooked, bolting horse. Easy to self-erect and highly cost-effective, being roughly one-quarter of the price of good quality wooden post and rail fencing. It is ideal for livery yards, stallion fencing and stud farm fencing; the perfect field and paddock fencing.

Fieldguard electric fencing for horses can fulfil every containment need. For instance, it can temporarily fence an area, render a barbed wire fence safe, keep a stallion in (or out) or as a complete, stand-alone field fencing installation. It also provides fantastic stallion fencing.

Fieldguard also stocks a full range of accessories to complete your installation including electric fence gates, tape tensioners, and electric fence insulators.

  • Electric Fencing Tape (40mm) – R4

    40mm wide electric fencing tape is supplied in 100m, 250m or 500m reels, and available in green, brown and white.

    This is a cost effective and long lasting permanent electric fence that has a…

    £37.80£189.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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