Stunning mat installation in West Sussex

Stunning mat installation in West Sussex

Earlier in November, we were contacted by a customer in West Sussex who wanted to lay mats in a paddock, ahead of any downturn in the weather in the coming months.

We were delighted to supply 80 square metres of our highly rated M52LO mats, laid on a base of our M9 Mesh. The project used 900 M9 pins and 500 cable ties. As you can see, the result is stunning.

As a small company, we can offer an installation service on large projects up to 30-40 miles away, and on rare occasions have gone 50 miles for a larger installation.

We are able to support single stable installations or small numbers of field mats up to 10 miles away. Orders can also be collected from Fieldguard if you are local.

Always remember though, that we can deliver any of our products direct to your door throughout the UK.

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