Unusual Uses

Unusual Applications of Fieldguard Products

Over the past thirty-five years, Fieldguard products have been employed in a variety of slightly unusual uses, which are listed below:


  • Keeping badgers out of the garden
  • Keeping coy carp safe from herons
  • Holding back rabbits from root crops
  • Keeping pigeons off window ledges in London
  • Snail containment at an edible snail farm
  • Snake proof fencing
  • Horse self exercise corridors
  • Deterring predators in an animal reserve for small game in South Africa
  • Deterring humans from a wild herd of Przewalski horses
  • Perimeter fence for an Oryx reserve in Oman
  • Bird scarer
  • Ostrich farm fencing in South Africa
  • Elephant containment at an open zoo.

Rubber Mats

M2 Bedding Mat

  • Sickbed for an injured rhino
  • Light aircraft parking
  • To help initial track purchase for military tanks stuck in deep, sticky mud in Borneo

M4 24mm Thermal Under Bed Mat

  • Flooring in hot air balloon gondolas
  • Greyhound racing stadium kennels bedding

M516 16mm Honeycomb Hollow Ring Mat

  • Suspension medium under a wooden dance floor
  • Keeping mud off vintage cars displayed on the grass
  • Non-slip surface on golf course wooden bridges
  • Used in refrigerated delivery vehicles to prevent condensation on the floor from damaging parcels.

M522/M52L/M52LO 23mm Honeycomb Hollow Ring Mats

  • Erosion protection around a pond
  • A helicopter landing pad
  • Flooring in fish buying sheds
  • BMX track surface
  • An outdoor track for a film camera dolly
  • Walkways on fishing boat decks
  • To aid lightning protection on a high roof
  • Covering the slatted flooring of indoor lamb pens
  • Icy pavements and walkways in the Alps, Scandinavia, Poland & Russia

M6 25mm Wall Mat

  • Sheep shearing pads.
  • Sound deadening around air conditioning trunking.

M70 12mm Rubber Sheet

  • Securing plastic membranes on silage pits
  • Protecting mature trees from deer depredation
  • Anti-static floor for a large mainframe computer room

M8 20mm slip Resistant Mat

  • Non-slip flooring for dog training barns
  • Hawk training corridor
  • Greyhound racing stadium kennels bedding
  • Base for beehives
  • To cut the excessive noise in an indoor swimming pool – stuck to walls back to front

M10 17mm Solid Rubber Slab

  • Non-slip flooring in police dog vans
  • Lorry maintenance machine shop floor
  • Police riot training area
  • Soft floor for large metal castings handling area
  • Insulated flooring in an astronomy dome
  • To aid in the construction of a temporary dressage area inside the Royal Albert Hall

M11 Ramp Mat

  • A temporary ramp at the Royal Albert Hall to provide access for a horse. This was the first time a horse had EVER been inside the Albert Hall!

M116 16mm Interlocking MatMaze mat

  • Soft, warm surface in a pet grooming parlour
  • Dog training barn
  • Garden games boards
  • Lawn mazes as a garden feature that can be mown

M14 5mm Rubber Sheet

  • Soft desk top surfaces in offices
  • Van floors
  • Protecting tree trunks from vandals in a playground
Games board

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