What to do when your customers are pigs

What to do when your customers are pigs

Fieldguard Honeycomb Mats for pigs
We were very pleased to be asked to carry out another large installation using our most popular M52LO honeycomb grass mats. Very similar to the last project, but this time just outside Guildford in Surrey. We needed 100 of the grass mats, 3 rolls of the M9 stabilisation mesh, 300 pins and 600 cable ties.

As the installation was a fair way from where we could park the van, Charlie and I were very happy when a gentleman with a quadbike and trailer turned up offering his help. With over a tonne and a half of mats to move we were quick to accept his offer!

Although this installation was predominantly in a field for horses (Which we are very used to) we had a rather unusual request to install an area of mats inside an area for pigs (Which we are not quite so used to!). However, this proved to be a very useful exercise for as you can imagine, the pig-pen was more than ankle deep in very sloppy “mud”, conditions in which both Charlie and I thought that the mats would simply disappear in to the mud.

But this was not the case; once the M9 mesh and M52LO heavy duty grass mats had been laid the area was transformed! We could immediately walk on the mats with no mud coming up through the now, very stable, surface. Once the grass grows up in to the mats in the spring the area be very different.

I hasten to add that we didn’t cover the whole area in mats, we did leave a sizeable area of mud for the pigs!

  • Securing U pins

    Securing U pins M9P

    Metal securing U pins for ground stabilisation mesh (M9) (pack of 100).

    £70.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • ground stabilisation mesh

    Ground Stabilisation Mesh M9

    Ground stabilisation mesh makes a perfect reinforcement for grass and embankments or as underlay for honeycomb mats. An open weave green coloured plastic mesh, supplied on a roll of 30m x 2m x 2-3mm (98’ x 6’6”).

    £130.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • electrical cable ties

    Electrical cable ties CT100

    160mm x 4.8mm nylon cable ties for joining honeycomb mats. Also perfect to secure the R8 and R45B insulators and R45B tensioner to posts other than wood.

    £2.00£4.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • 23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat, grass mats, gravel mats23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat

    23mm Heavy Honeycomb Mat OM52LO

    With a 22% greater footprint and being harder than standard mats, they are extremely tough and long lasting, and cope better with constant vehicle usage in less muddy conditions, or where sub-strata conditions are bad for animals. They are available in one size; in black or brown.

    £20.25£36.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
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