Fieldguard fencing – helping to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden

Fieldguard Fencing keeping badgers out

Fieldguard fencing – helping to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden

Fieldguard Fencing keeping badgers out

Ten days ago, we had a call from a customer whose garden lawn was being damaged by badgers. Being local, we assessed the problem first-hand and helped create a fencing package to deal with the problem.

This included three 40mm brown tape strands, R8 insulators, and R36V tensioners. Power would be supplied using a Speedrite S5 energiser. The system also included three R11 gate handles, allowing the fence to be left open during the day for access.

A week after installation, badger visits have completely stopped, and our customer is delighted with the result.

We can’t usually make site visits for customers, but we do offer telephone support for anyone who is not sure what system is best, whether you want to keep unwanted animals out or loved animals in.

We also have a useful Hints on Installation section on our website, many with tutorial videos to help with specific fence items.

40mm Electric Tape £42.00-£210.00 (excl. VAT and delivery)
Special Insulators (R8) £0.70 each (excl. VAT and delivery)
Electric Fence Tensioner (R36V) £5.00 each (excl. VAT and delivery)
Defender Electric Fence Energiser (D5) £135.00 (excl. VAT and delivery)
Insulated Sprung Gate Handle (R11) £6.50 (excl. VAT and delivery)

Green Gloop Cleaning FluidGreen Gloop Cleaning Fluid – the outstanding cleaner for your stables
– Save £4.50 with our new lower delivery cost*

Green Gloop is a highly concentrated, water-based, non-toxic detergent and deodoriser that will not harm animals nor rot rubber matting. It is the preferred cleaner in many livery yards, stud farms, professional kennels and catteries, and an animal health laboratory. It is ideal for cow barns, chicken and bird housing and pig pens.

Our cleaner is especially popular at stables and equestrian centres. Gloop is ideal on all artificial beds as it cleans mat surfaces, neutralises urine and leaves the environment smelling fresh. If used on walls and badly infested floors, the dilution rate is halved, and a second wash is often required some hours after the initial application. Stained concrete floors can be cleaned to pristine freshness.

Fieldguard Tip

All draining and non-draining under-bed type mats should be lifted at least once every nine months with help from our Gripper Mat Movers. Wash the mats and the stable floor thoroughly with Green Gloop.

*£4.50 saving on delivery when you purchase one 2 litre bottle of Gloop

2 Litre Bottle (£7.10/Litre) £14.20 (excl. VAT and delivery)

The Gripper Mat Mover

Gripper Mat Mover

Our Gripper Mat Mover Tool literally does help ‘ease the workload’ at stable yards by making the arduous task of moving mats much easier and much quicker. We recommend using two Gripper Mat Movers when moving heavy items to get maximum benefit, whatever your size.

The Gripper, featured in Horse and Rider, is a single-hand positive grip, positive release handle ideal for moving flat, heavy objects, such as rubber mats, carpets, sacks, bags, tarpaulins and covers where a finger grip is usually the norm.

Because the Gripper allows full hand grip rather than finger grip, it is an invaluable tool to enable even the slightest person to manoeuvre heavy, often wet and smelly, mats with relative ease. It is an invaluable tool when cleaning messy stables, making single-handed manoeuvring of the mats possible. No more strained backs or painfully tired hands as you struggle to keep a grip when moving them independently.

The Gripper has a pulling strain of 200kgs, so is capable of moving the heaviest of mats and carpets.

Gripper Mat Mover £18.00 each (excl. VAT and delivery)

Fieldguard Product Catalogue

Fieldguard Catalogue and Price List

To receive your copy of the Fieldguard Catalogue, call us on 01483 275182

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