Honeycomb Mats on Hampstead Heath

Honeycomb Mats on Hampstead Heath

Fieldguard Heavy duty matsOver the past year, the Corporation of London has been undertaking flood prevention work on Hampstead Heath. The combination of this on-going work and the very heavy rains in mid-December produced a couple of mud slides over some of the most trafficked paths. They needed a temporary fix in a hurry, so the paths could be used by the many thousands of Londoners who take it as read that a slug of fresh air is included over the Christmas New Year period. Walkers appear in their thousands often in footwear more suited to pavements, so deep mud is not on the agenda.

Fieldguard Honeycomb Mats, the perfect solution for muddy paths

The Corporation turned to Fieldguard ten years ago when they had a problem with some woodland containing rare species of fauna in the Lea Valley Regional Park. The solution then was to lay a non-invasive pathway and our heavy duty honeycomb hollow mats worked perfectly.

With the Heath mud slides, an answer was required in a hurry, so some of the mats at Lea Valley were taken up and temporarily transferred. As the mud slides were quite deep, two layers of our Fieldguard mats were used so that walkers wouldn’t get designer pumps and sneakers too dirty. They are working a treat!


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