Muddy, wet gateways? Yuk!

Muddy, wet gateways? Yuk!

Heavy Honeycomb Mats: before, laid and after

Celia Cross Greyhound RescueWith the amount of rain that has fallen during the past three weeks even the freest draining soils have tended to become waterlogged. Hock deep mud that sucks your gum boots off.

You might think it too late to do anything about it this year, but we can offer a potential route to instant salvation.

Another highly effective solution, particularly in the current sodden conditions, is to lay our stiff plastic mesh (M9) before laying the mats.

It acts as a sort of artificial root system and the mats can then be dropped straight onto the mesh, seeded and, hopefully, no more hock deep mud and fears of mud fever!

A word of caution. The mats will still fill with mud, so it would be wisest that once the ground is starting to harden to lift the mats, knock out the clods that have formed in each cavity and then drop the now empty mats back onto the mesh. Bingo, lovely lush grass three months later and very definitely no gloopy boot sucking mud next winter.

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