Electric fence tape properties

Fieldguard electric Fencing

Electric fence tape properties


Fieldguard Electric Fencing
To create safe horse fencing, you require a wide tape band that can be either fixed to wood uprights for a permanent, safe fence or onto glass fibre stakes to construct moveable safe field fencing. It is the minimum width that can be seen by a spooked, bolting horse. Easy to self-erect and highly cost-effective, being roughly one-quarter of the price of good quality wooden post and rail fencing. It is Ideal for livery yards, stallion fencing and stud fencing; the perfect field fencing.

Fieldguard electric fence tape is ubiquitous and can fulfil every animal containment need. For instance, it can temporarily fence an area, render a barbed wire fence safe, keep a stallion in (or out) or act as a complete, stand-alone field fencing installation. It provides fantastic stallion fencing.

It is highly visible, very strong and flexible, so it cannot harm animals. This final attribute is also its undoing, so it has to be electrified to deter animals from becoming entangled or climbing through, hence helping to provide a safe horse fencing solution. The price of FIELDGUARD fencing should be compared to good quality wood posts and rails as it is as visible, is six times stronger, lasts as long and is virtually maintenance-free.

Fieldguard is the only retailer worldwide to weave its own tapes. Original Fieldguard installations are now more than 20 years old.

ALL animals respect a Fieldguard fence, and it cannot harm them!

rival fencing tape flapping in the wind

Fieldguard tape holding steady in a 40mph wind with lesser quality tape below

The picture on the right was taken with a 1-second exposure during a 40-mile-per-hour wind. It illustrates how well the Fieldguard tape holds steady and more tightly than a typical woven tape which you can see is flapping below it.

In measuring distances, as a guide, one long stride is (roughly) 1 yard or 1 metre.

The tape is light and easy to handle but also has a very high wind resistance. Fieldguard tapes counter this by having a wide weave that allows the wind to blow through, ensuring that the tape remains stationary under all adverse weather conditions. Tape is delivered on its own reusable reels. It is available in brown, green or white.

As animals tend to touch the edges of tapes, the ten conducting filaments are bunched along the leading edges of the wide brown and green tapes. That makes for better contact and eliminates power loss if one filament breaks. The filaments are equidistant across the tape with white and thin tapes.

By its nature, tape has high electrical resistance and requires large power units. To mitigate this additional expense, Fieldguard 40mm tape is made with 10 x 0.4mm stainless steel threads, which permit the use of less powerful energisers.

The tapes incorporate two 0.8mm polyester threads along each leading edge to minimise stretching of the tape. These threads also act as buffers to reduce chafing of tape in insulators and tensioners.

All Fieldguard electric fencing tapes are stronger and have greater conductivity than any other. A smaller energiser is needed for any given length of fence, and the thick nylon weave ensures a long life for the tape.

When installing tape, use a broom handle to reel it in or out.

Electric Fence Tape from Fieldguard

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