Energisers and Batteries

Electric Fence Energisers and batteries

Defender 5 Dual Power Fence EnergiserDefender Electric Fence Energisers, in our experience, are the most suitable and reliable electric fence energisers for equine use and can be run from either a battery or the mains.

To work effectively, the power output from the energiser should be a minimum of 3000 volts. For safety, the power through the fence should be 5-8,000 volts. The optimum type of shock to safely contain horses should be a very short but extremely high voltage pulse – similar to a bee sting.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are an excellent solution to extending the life of your electric fencing battery. Increasing the life of a battery will ensure that your energiser is working efficiently for longer, saving you time and money.

It is essential to choose a solar panel that is compatible with your energiser.

Please bear in mind that seasonal variations will affect the number of hours your solar panel has in the sun.

Keep your Solar panels clean and free from debris for the best performance.

Fieldguard electric Fencing

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