Energisers and Batteries


Electric Fence Energisers and batteries

speedrite s60 energiserThe Speedrite range of electric fence energisers is a breakthrough in electric fence technology. They are solid-state which means the components are very hardy and can withstand being dropped, stood upon, or immersed in water.

The optimum type of shock to safely contain horses should be a very short but extremely high voltage pulse – similar to a bee sting. Horses do not feel anything below 3,000 volts. For safety, the power through the fence should be 5-8,000 volts. In our experience, the most suitable and reliable electric fence energiser units are those manufactured by the New Zealand firm of Speedrite (Tru-test).

‘S range’ energisers can be run from either mains or battery. The ideal battery is a 12 volt, 85 amp hour leisure unit. Depending on the use and size of energiser, a battery can last up to three weeks between charges.

Except for the AN90S, earthing rods are not included in any prices.

The Speedrite range of electric fence energisers carries a two-year warranty.

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