Mad about Dogs are mad about our interlocking mats

Mad about Dogs are mad about our interlocking mats

Mad About Dogs is a stunning new dog training centre just outside Chichester. During the building works, the owners had a problem in finding the right flooring to suit their purposes. They wanted something that was stable, soft, warm and, above all slip resistant.

They had a number of samples and quotes for children’s play area mats, but these proved unfit for purpose or wildly expensive. Mad About Dogs then approached us. They wanted the right product, costed to cover a prescribed area and at a cost equal or better to their previous quotes. Fieldguard delivered on all fronts. In fact, we were able to quote and supply mats in four specifications and all were over £1,000 cheaper than their best previous quotations.

Mad About DogsMad About Dogs chose our M116 interlocking mats, which proved so ideal and cost effective that they were able to fit out all of their newly built complex, and clearing out our considerable stock in the process. They even took a pallet of imperfect mats (at a greatly reduced price).

Mad About Dogs have found our M116 mats ideal for their needs, and they were delighted to have covered more areas than their budget would have allowed with alternate suppliers. Most importantly though, the dogs have taken to the surfaces with confidence.

If you log onto the Mad About Dogs Facebook page you’ll see that a swimming pool has recently been added. Mad About Dogs tell us that the floor surrounding the swimming pool also has our M116 mats down.

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